It's all about me!

Hi there, my name is Jenna Craig and I am the owner and operator of Jenna Craig Design. It, and I, may be small…but we be both fierce and spunky!

Ever since I was little I was absolutely obsessed with all things geeky, sci-fi,comic-book and video game. Instead of playing with other kids, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and Spyro the Dragon were my friends. Instead of paying attention in class, I was doodling my own comic books (a thing that irked my teachers to no end...."She's so bright and smart, but she has her head stuck in the clouds!", was one of the frequent comments on my school report cards) but I was a little geek and I would not be deterred by such boring nonsense as Maths or Home Economics!

Now I’m a full-grown adult and I get to do and make what I was always told by my teachers in school, were just silly drawings, foolish trinkets and far-fetched goals….and are probably still silly drawings, foolish trinkets and far-fetched goals to be honest. 

Anyway, hope you like what I do and get as much enjoyment out of owning and collecting my pins as I do designing and playing around with them.