*PRE-ORDER* 'Battle of the Bats' Pin

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THESE ARE A PRE-ORDER ITEM. There are 20 pins that will be sent back to the manufacturer to have sections of screenprinting amended. These will only be sent back to the manufacturer when the full 20 are sold, as funds from these will fund the shipping cost to have them sent back.
As soon as all 20 are sold they will be sent to be amended, and when they're fixed and sent back to me, they'll be packed up and sent out to everyone who ordered.

A-Grade :
X Has next to no visible marks or blemishes.
X Comes with the display box, sticker, custom coffin backing card and Eddie's red guitar pick necklace.

B-Grade :
X Has more noticeable flaws on the enamel or metal.
X Screen printing around the eyes is a little bit out of alignment, so overlaps a little bit.
X Marked or patchy enamel/scuffed plating
X May have slightly noticeable dents/divots in the metal plating or edges.

C-Grade :
X They have very visible multiple minor and / or a few major defects mentioned above.
Also might have:
- Tarnished/discoloured plating.
- Tainted enamel.
- Noticeable scratches or marks.
- Scratched backing.
X Screenprinting that overlap around the eyes is more noticeable, the pupils may be slightly off centre too.

B/C Grades will not come with the display box but will come with the sticker and Eddie's red guitar pick necklace.


Most. Metal. Ever! Eddie Munson, like for so many others, has a special place in my heart. He threw himself into battle when "The Shire was burning" and even though the people of Hawkins hated him, he went out as a hero.
This pin commerates the epic metal warrior himself, ready to do battle with the Demobats.


Measuring in at 4.25 inches high, this piece will have screen printed details, metallic highlights and gun metal edging with screenprinted background.
There is also an embossed backstamp of the Jenna Craig Design logo on the back along with 3 pin posts for stability.

The demobat and the vines are placed on top of the background layer seperately to create a 3D, layered effect.

Each pin comes with Eddie's guitar pick necklace and a sticker of the pin design.


Shout out to Erik (@errablo on Instagram) for bringing my vision to life for this pin design. I'd had the idea of doing an Eddie design but wanted it to show a different, but no less metal, depiction.
And what better way than to show him as the badass metal warrior he is as he's about to do battle with demobats and go out as a hero?


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