'Saint Evie' and 'Saint Rick' Graded Sets


Available in a very limited amount of Graded sets. There is also a single B Grade 'Saint Rick pin' available.


(A Grade)
x These are the best quality possible, however please be aware due to the handmade nature of pins there may be a very slight imperfections. However these will be very minimal and not visible unless viewed up very closely.

(B Grade)
x Still great quality but may have a few very minor marks or rough patches in the metal finish, but still not extremely noticeable and don't detract from the overall look.
x These are in stock but there will be a limited amount.
x These will come with 2 stickers, a backing card and packaging.

(C Grade)
x There are slightly more noticeable marks, a minor scuff here and there or some discolouration on the metal background piece. These maybe be slightly more noticeable under lighting or close inspection. However, again these cosmetic issues don't detract from the overall look of the pins.
x These are in stock but there will be a limited amount.
x These will come with 2 stickers, a backing card and packaging.


Introducing a new line of 'Saint' style pins for 'The Mummy 1999' and of course the first had to be the main couple themselves, Evie and Rick.
Depicted in a way that's reminiscent of Saint like figures, 'Saint Evie' and 'Saint Rick' come in either a set or a limited number of singles.


Thank you so much to @jhollyart (on Instagram) for the artwork, she did an amazing job capturing both Evie and Rick's likenesses!


These pins just over 4.5 inch tall and screen printed details, metallic highlights and bronze metal edging.
They're also pin on pin, with the portrait piece on top that is then attached to a matt bronze Key of Hamunaptra bronze metal background, embossed with 3D debossed detailing and a shade of bronze that gives them that "just been dug up or stolen from a rugged man called Rick, in a bar" look.

There is also an embossed backstamp of the Jenna Craig Design logo.
Every pin set comes with stickers of the pin designs and special packaging.


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