Sai Necklace

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*****SAFETY NOTE*****

The necklaces and earrings have been blunted so as not to scratch or accidentally stab anybody but they're still long and somewhat pointed, so just be careful and be aware of this. It's strongly advised to KEEP THEM AWAY from children or pets. Jenna Craig Design does NOT take responsibility for anything that may occur if not looked after properly or if they're accidentally used for anything other than their intended use of being worn.

Due to the nature of the design (length of the blade parts), they are best kept in a safe place on their own and NOT mixed with other items such as heavy pieces of jewelry etc. Refunds will NOT be given if this advice is not taken.

🦂🦂🦂GRADING 🦂🦂🦂

A-Grade :
X No noticeable defects but may have 'very-hard-to-see' or 'visible-from-certain-angle' tiny imperfections on metal or enamel:
X Very slight low-fill/very slight overfill enamel in one or two areas.
X Tiny traces of random debris (dust etc.)
tiny bubbles in enamel or epoxy coating but not immediately noticeable.
X Very slight scuffing/scratches/dents.

We will ensure these are at a minimum though and do not take away from the overall look.

B-Grade :
X Has more noticeable flaws on the enamel or metal.
X Marked or patchy enamel/scuffed plating
X Slightly more noticeable scratches/ dents/divots in the metal plating or edges.
X Ends may have very slight tool marks.
X They also may or may not have backing cards or special packaging.

C-Grade :
X They have very visible multiple minor and / or a few major defects mentioned above.
Also might have:
- Tarnished/discoloured plating.
- Tainted enamel.
- Noticeable scratches or marks.
- Scratched backing.
X Good choice for everyday wearing!
X These will not come with extras or special packaging.


Look as badass as Evie and Anck-Su-Namun engaged in a sai fight with these fantastic Sai earrings and necklace.
Don't worry, they aren't sharp so you won't scar that pretty face!


Included is a small ruby detail in the hilts of both the necklaces and earrings and comes in a gold plated and silver finish.
The earrings come with hook earring attachments which are hypo-allergenic and the necklace comes with a gold-plated and silver-based Rolo chain as well.


Sai size - 2.5 inches x 0.5 inches
Chain Length - 61cm/24.02
18ct Gold PVD plating on handles
Silver on blades
Hypo-Allergenic chain
Base Material Chain: Silver 925
Color: Gold and silver
Chain Type: Rolo chain
Clasp: Lobster clasp
Weight: 12-38g


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