St. George of the Jungle pin

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A-Grade :
X No noticeable defects but may have 'very-hard-to-see' or 'visible-from-certain-angle' tiny imperfections on metal or enamel:
X Very slight low-fill/very slight overfill enamel in one or two areas.
X Tiny traces of random debris (dust etc.)
tiny bubbles in enamel or epoxy coating but not immediately noticeable.
X Very slight scuffing/scratches/dents.

We will ensure these are at a minimum though and do not take away from the overall look.

B-Grade :
X Has more noticeable flaws on the enamel or metal.
X Marked or patchy enamel/scuffed plating
X Slightly more noticeable scratches/ dents/divots in the metal plating or edges.
X They also may or may not have backing cards or special packaging.

C-Grade :
X They have very visible multiple minor and / or a few major defects mentioned above.
Also might have:
- Tarnished/discoloured plating.
- Tainted enamel.
- Noticeable scratches or marks.
- Scratched backing.
X Good choice for everyday wearing!
X These will not come with extras or special packaging.


This lovely jungle boy is one big pin!
Measuring 4 inches long with 3D dark gold metallic rays and gold stained glass halo as well as silkscreen printed details.

This will come with a stained glass effect sticker of 'Tuccy' and a metallic sticker of the pin design.


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