(IMPERFECT) 'Oops' Scene Sliding Pin

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All of the pins have one or more cosmetic issues, as such they'll be sent out as is and randomly, so they each may have one or more of those cosmetic issues.
So when purchasing, please keep that in mind.
Refunds will NOT BE issued for any of the reasons that have been stated here. If purchased, you do so with the knowledge that these pins have surface cosmetic issues here and there.
As such they will be discounted to reflect this, so if you don't mind cosmetic issues too much, then you'll be getting a good little bargain!

These have cosmetic issues such as -

X A noticeable scratch in the enamel where the shelves move.
X A patch or two of discoloured enamel.
X The enamel has been smudged slightly on the shelves.
X Scratches/scuffing on the shelves.
X There is slight scuffing on the enamel on the base/background of the pin.
X Magnet at the back is the wrong way round and shelves can be alittle off or move.


Commemorate one of the best introduction scenes to an action/adventure film heroine ever, with this sliding pin depicting the very moment that Evelyn Carnahan reached a little too far to put Thuthmosis back in his rightful place!

Oh Thuthmosis, you Egyptian scallywag!

This pin is two-layered pin with the shelves, and Evie on the ladder being 3D molded.
It's an interactive pin where the first two shelves and Evie are moveable as if falling like they do in the scene in the film.
The back has 4 pin posts for extra support and bears the hieroglyphic version of the Jenna Craig logo as well as the regular logo, stamped on the back.


Artwork by Julia Clements


2.55 inches width
1.96 inches height
Gold plated
Hard enamel


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We DO NOT refund 'IMPERFECT' pins if the reasons given are for the cosmetic imperfections, as they are being purchased with the knowledge that they will have cosmetic imperfections.


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